Friday, October 18, 2013

Pre-order open on 21st of October of THE THIRTEENTH PATH occult journal issue #1

THE THIRTEENTH PATH occult journal issue #1

Standard edition paperback:

Approx 190 pages
120 grams paper bookblock
Thick and heavy paper cover
Full color and black/white images

Book size: width 205 mm x height 250 mm

Book + CD with music by AKRABU and NIHILL


: revelations :

Matthew Levi Stevens - ‘At the Feet of the Goddess: Some thoughts on Kenneth Grant, David Curwen & The 13th Path’

Matthew Wightman - ‘The Nailed God - A klifotic Christology’

S.D. - ‘The Opening Of The Eye Of The Serpent’

Albert Petersen - ‘Breaks’

Robert Podgurski - ‘Inner Sorceries outwardly Seeking’

Patrick J. Larabee - ‘Three Flames from Darkness Sprung...’

Aaron Piccirillo - ‘Power, Tradition, and the Road to Postmodern Magical Practice: An Examination of Austin Osman Spare and Aleister Crowley’

Gabriel McCaughry  - ‘The Apex Seeking its Axis’

Revered Arturo Royal - ‘Daemonosophy’

Gilles de Laval - ‘The Script of Lucifer’s Angels’

Bill Duvendack - ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’

Sarah Anne Lawless - ‘Breaking Tradition’or, How the Death of Modern Witchcraft Is a Myth'

Michiel Eikenaar - ‘Leap into the Void’

Emma Doeve - ‘Austin Osman Spare & The Great Witch’

Sean Woodward - ‘The Cult of Ku’

: visuals :

Elly Muerte
Abby Helasdottir
Adrian Baxter
Isab Gaborit
Nestor Avalos
Agnieszka Skatula
Anna Krajewski
Lupe Vasconcelos
Vaenvs Obscvra
Samuel Araya
Michiel Eikenaar
Austin Osman Spare
Sean Woodward